21 Stunning Types Of Coffee Tables To Buy
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Coffee tables have been a home decor staple for a long time. In the start, it used to have a low place meaning it was just used to hold beverages. And it still serves that purpose. 

But these days, the coffee table is more than just a place to hold your drink between sips. You can put your books and magazines for light reading, it has many options for storage, and overall, can bring together the different pieces of furniture that you have in a room. Whatever coffee table size you want, there is an option for every person.

Types Of Coffee Tables

Choosing a table can be a huge challenge if you know what is available on the market. Our guide will help you understand all the options that exist on the market and the unique advantages of the different types of coffee tables:

Storage Coffee Table

If you want an excellent and stylish way to store your magazines, writing stationery, and remote controls, the storage coffee table designs will be handy. These types of coffee tables are slightly more bulky compared to other tables but they are the perfect fit for your needs. Depending on the kinds of items and their size, you will find many options that are good, sturdy yet elegant.

Marble Coffee Table

A marble coffee table is considered an abstract coffee table and has an understated elegance that works well with wooden floors or carpeted rooms. They require maintenance yet are a no-fuss addition to your decor. A genuine marble coffee table can be slightly more pricey but the return on investment is worth it.

Depending on the size and type of coffee tables you choose, it can be a great addition to your room and you will get to use it for many things.

Mid-Century Coffee Table

Referring to the modern coffee table designs that were popularized during the middle of the 20th century– hence the name– this is a classic style that is elegant, functional, and has a hint of nostalgia. A good mid-century coffee table will look like it belongs in the mid-century. 

Its practicality and durability give you the functions of a good sturdy coffee table. Some of the qualities that make these types of coffee tables mid-century are the natural materials used, the angled or tapering legs, and the soft rounded curves.

Square Coffee Table

Opt for a square coffee table if you want a finished cohesive look that blends well with the rest of your decor. Square coffee tables give a symmetrical look and can be easily used if you are trying to make your space look filled and without any gaps. If you don’t have much space but still want a centerpiece, go for a small coffee table that is square. This is because square coffee tables look great in smaller spaces as they are not long enough for a sofa.

Rectangular Coffee Table

Do you want to break up the softness of your living room? Go for a rectangular coffee table. This tall coffee table is one of the most popular shapes and the table works great with longer sofas. It also has a huge surface area compared to other types of coffee tables. If you have a lot of space, you can go with these coffee tables. These coffee tables are just as dapper today as they were decades ago and come with a lot of versatility. 

Round Coffee Table

Round coffee table is the best option for people that want minimum bumps due to shared edges. So, whether you have pets or small children, this is the ideal piece of furniture for them. These types of coffee tables go well with smaller length sofas or a more cozy seating space. 

A lot of the time, these smaller coffee tables add more of an aesthetic appeal compared to a functional one because it has a reduced surface area. But, this table looks very welcoming when you are entertaining guests who might have snacks on the table as it gives more accessibility from every side.

Oval Coffee Table

It is often called the cousin of the round coffee table and has the same perks but with added length. So, if you have more space, you can opt for these types of tables. Oval coffee tables are a master of balance when it comes to function and form. 

Oval coffee tables also look great with longer sofas as they don’t sharply cut the edges. Also, oval coffee table designs favor movement and have enough surface area for you to display or store items. Since it has no sharp edges, it is also an ideal choice for people with kids and pets.

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Wooden And Glass Coffee Table

Wooden and glass coffee table combination is a great one. Wood is versatile, durable and elegant enough without having to try too hard. It is reliable and your room decor and color scheme will easily be complimented. Almost all designs that have a wood and glass coffee table display have a warm and timeless feeling.

If you have a farmhouse style house, you can bank on these types of tables to complete the look of your room. Also, these tables don’t have to be boring. You can liven the look of your table with different accent designs and unique shapes.

Metal Coffee Table

The most popular choice for a coffee table after wood is metal. Usually lighter and conventionally more durable than wood, these types of coffee tables come in various styles and shapes as metal is easier to mold into unique shapes. You can pick a metal coffee table if you want an industrial or structural theme for your room.

Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables have gained popularity in recent times as they need different technology to be created. This tall coffee table comes in a number of flexible and innovative designs that are striking to look at.

Whether used in combination with metal supports to offer stability or made completely of glass, you can’t deny the contemporary feel of these tables. A glass coffee table is a great option if you want a subtle element of class to your room while also  being an extremely versatile piece of furniture.

These small coffee tables are a great option for a smaller room as glass opens the space with style. But, if you have children or pets, it is not the best or safest option to go with.

Rattan Coffee Table

Although rattan is used as a material for patio furniture as it can withstand different weather conditions and is durable, it is increasingly gaining popularity as a coffee table. If you want a coffee table that gives you a rustic feel with a modern touch, these types of coffee tables are the perfect choice to go with.

Traditional Coffee Table

A traditional coffee table is the one to go with if you want elegance and sophistication. These tables have a style that goes back through the whole century proving their timelessness. Almost always made from solid wood– which is the main thing that makes it traditional– they have a standard rectangular or oval surface. 

If you have a traditional aesthetic, adding a traditional coffee table will bring an element of uniformity.

Contemporary Coffee Table

Contemporary coffee table style means all the styles that are fashionable in the current moment. These types of coffee tables mostly feature new age materials like glass tops or metal bases.

They are eccentric and novel with a bold accent and bright features. Any furniture that contains a range of style touchstones and has a solid interior with a daring prominent line is called contemporary.

Modern Coffee Table

Usually, modern means the specific range of 20th century design to mid century style. Compared many times with contemporary coffee tables, modern is slightly different in style and design. Modern coffee tables focus on functionality with simplicity, clean designs and combines with aesthetic aims without being eccentric.

A modern coffee table is made in metal and stone designs because of its clean aesthetic and influenced by modern.

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Rustic Coffee Table

People usually see rustic style as old school rural area fashion. Usually made with wood, it has a good sturdy old fashioned pattern compared to modern or traditional coffee tables.

If you have home decor that is more farmhouse style then go for this coffee table design as it will fit right in. Giving feelings of the countryside in olden times, you can also look at options that have old timey brass fittings.

Coastal Coffee Table

These types of coffee tables invoke a beachy vibe that has many cool sand stones. Coastal coffee tables usually come in simple hues and have a relaxed, natural design with a simple surface and sturdy legs. Giving off a more relaxed feeling compared to a traditional coffee table, this table is a good choice for your living room if you have many natural colors in your home. Also, the coastal coffee table gives off a more casual air than the rustic table, making it really inviting. 

Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial coffee tables are purposeful and rugged in design and invokes a very determined feeling in your room. These types of coffee tables are usually made with a combination of metal and solid or engineered wood and look great in rooms that are decorated in a loft style with rough hewn construction ideas. 

Also, these coffee tables are perfect if you want to have a good contrast to your softer surroundings as it would break up any monotony. So, give your coffee table dimensions now to get this masterpiece in your hand!

Vintage Coffee Table

Vintage coffee tables give off a sense of old times and quirky design philosophies. These types of coffee tables have a retro vibe and are made from repurposed elements like knobs and reclaimed wood. This gives a strong classic unique touch to the table. 

It is the perfect addition for any room that has many retro themed items and it will also be great if you want to add cohesive structure and integrity. If you want this table, shop coffee table deals from our site to get the best discounts.

Nesting Coffee Table

Nesting coffee tables are great if you want to save space. You can easily stack them and allow more flexibility in rooms that are small or in cramped spaces. These types of coffee tables are a good option if you want multiple tables in a set.

You can use them separately while entertaining guests or combine them to store books and magazines to create a modern look.

Minimalist Coffee Table

If you want a very minimalist addition to your home, go for the minimalist coffee table that will give you bare bones and still be chic enough to complement the rest of your decor. These tables offer you the style without being in your face and gives you stability to tie all of your furniture.

Geometric Coffee Table

If you want something unique and like angles and lines in your room, you could go for the geometric coffee table that offers all of these features. These types of coffee tables mostly add depth and definition to the area it is placed in while offering the functionality that a good coffee table should provide. It is the perfect coffee table with seating.

Lift Top Coffee Table

If you want to hide all your clutter away neatly instead of putting it on top of the table, go for a convertible lift top coffee table. The lift coffee table offers functionality and has all the benefits of the storage table without being seen. It is a great option if you want to entertain guests and because of its storage capacity, it is a popular choice for a coffee table.

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