Top 15 Types of Refectory Table
15 types of refectory table

Top 15 Types of Refectory Table

The table, which is an integral part of furniture and home décor, can be used for multiple purposes. It has many features that make it unique in comparison to other pieces like chairs or couches. It always fills the extra space in the room and makes it useful. Tables are being sold in different colors, styles, and designs. You can easily buy various tables online. In this article, I will explain refectory table and their types. 

So, let’s discuss what a refectory table is; it is being used as a dining table from medieval times, and it looks like a long table with low width. Its style is trestle, and its craft is from oak and walnut wood. So, it is a robust and reliable table. Furthermore, its legs are joined by circumferential stretches.

Here are some latest types of refectory tables:

  1. Presidio Rustic 
  2. Sawyer Industrial
  3. Belledonne Trestle
  4. Dannemora Farmhouse
  5. Ralston 
  6. Salida 
  7. Goldsboro Trestle 
  8. Deep Creek Rustic
  9. Nordhoff Trestle
  10. Trumbull Cast Iron
  11. Old Saybrook Trestle
  12. Dell Rapids
  13. Fremont Trestle
  14. Tupelo Dining
  15. Pawtucket

Presidio Rustic

It has cross legs with suitable thickness. Usually available in brown wood color. The artisanal Presidio rustic is an innovative and timeless look and an accomplishment in style and design in genuine rough sawn maple.

Presidio Rustic - Refectory Table


Sawyer Industrial

It is heavy and overall has good thickness. The Sawyer Industrial is designed with metal turnbuckles and bare floors to survive the stains and scrapes of daily living.

Sawyer Industrial - Refectory Table

Belledonne Trestle

The Belledonne Trestle Table is a rustic farmhouse dining table with two end leaves and adjustable height. It’s the perfect fit for any home with its warm finish, which shows how carefully it was crafted to look thousands of years old yet be as sturdy as possible.

Belledonne Trestle - Belledonne Trestle

Dannemora Farmhouse

The Dannemora farmhouse table has a rough sawn top and comes in many sizes. The table includes two extension leaves that fit neatly on opposite ends of the tabletop when not being used, making it possible to comfortably sit up to 10 people at your dinner party or holiday feast.

Dannemora Farmhouse


The Ralston dining table is available in several sizes with contemporary metal accents and a distressed finish. Ralston dining Tables are available in a variety of colors and finishes to match your unique style. Each table is finished with low sheen catalyzed varnish for durability, so you can be sure that it will last through years of use.

Ralston Table


The Salida Refectory Table is a Shaker-style kitchen table with beautifully turned legs. It also has hidden expansion leaves and can be purchased in several sizes, making it the perfect option for any dining setting.

Your Salida Refectory Table will give your kitchen or dining room a classic look. It has cherry hardwood and is hand-rubbed with a salted caramel wood finish, protecting it from damage for years to come.

Salida Table

Goldsboro Trestle 

Our Goldsboro Trestle Table is crafted with time-honored techniques and honed craftsmanship to create a table that inspires gatherings. You can use six chairs with a Goldsboro trestle table.

Goldsboro Trestle Table


Deep Creek Rustic

The Deep Creek Rustic Dining Table is a unique and versatile piece of rustic furniture, perfect for restaurants or home use. It has a circular sawed surface that’s hand-rubbed with stain to give it an elegant appearance while being functional and durable. Additionally, the topcoat features a low sheen, so your table will be easy to clean up after meals.

Deep Creek Rustic Table

Nordhoff Trestle

The Nordhoff Trestle Dining Table is a combination of Mission and Early American styles with straight lines, breadboard ends, and refectory leaves.

Nordhoff Trestle Table

Trumbull Cast Iron

The Trumbull Cast Iron Table makes your space look warm and inviting with elegant, curved lines. The heavy cast iron base has a linear form to provide sturdy support for the solid wood top.

Trumbull Cast Iron

Old Saybrook Trestle

The Old Saybrook Trestle Table is a modern industrial-style table that has an expanding top. This would be great in your dining room, home bar or entertainment loft.

Old Saybrook Trestle

Dell Rapids

The Dell Rapids Refectory Table has shapely tapered legs, a straight apron, and a breadboard end. These features lend architectural interest to the classic design of this table.

Dell Rapids

Fremont Trestle

The Fremont Trestle Table will become a treasured family heirloom with its rustic look. The Southern Sorghum wood finish creates the table as you see pictured, and it will be yours for your own home or later if desired.

Fremont Trestle


Tupelo Dining

Tupelo Dining Table is the real center of attention, perfect for full-scale entertaining. Each Tupelo table with matching pieces is custom made to your specifications and designed specifically by you in mind with contemporary design ideas put into it.

Tupelo Dining



A distressed tabletop of dramatic thickness creates a space for guests and family to gather around. The Pawtucket Dining Table is available in two widths and a number of lengths. And if you’re looking for extensions, these hardwood tables are equipped with end leaves that have breadboard ends to enhance the rustic yet refined feel of this dining table.

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How to buy a Refectory table?

If you want to buy a refectory table from our furniture store in Dublin, you have to keep in mind a few things such as sizes, color, material, styles of tables, and space of the room. The most important factor is shape and material; good table manufacturing depends on shape and material. In addition, you have the option to buy a table online. Just write a refectory table near me on the google search bar and select a reputable platform. Well, if you want luxury touch in your home you should read ultimate guidelines about the luxury italian furniture.


The refectory table has a long length and short width. Every above image is showing the difference between shapes of refectory tables. This piece of content explained the latest type of refectory table. Every table has different styles, sizes, and colors. The main difference among all types is the style of legs such as Presidio Rustic, Sawyer Industrial, Belledonne Trestle, Dannemora Farmhouse, etc. Furthermore, all tables are crafted from walnut, maple, cherry, oak, pine, and birch.

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