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Avrs Furniture Reviews

Helen Gumbs
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I’m absolutely thrilled with the fast shipping of my midcentury-style dining chairs! The delivery was prompt & efficient, and the furniture arrived in perfect condition. Loved the overall experience with AVRS."

Rebecca Griffis
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The quality of the mid-century dining chairs at AVRS is simply top-notch. The materials used are of the highest quality and the finished product looks stunning. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Recommended.

Felicia Bunn
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Impressed with the customer service! I loved the friendly and helpful representative at AVRS. Helped me throughout my purchase and got me the exact mid-century chair I was looking for. Would love to recommend.

Jean Hixson
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I always wanted affordable mid-century dining chairs but I was concerned about the quality. AVRS was the one destination that ensured the best prices of furniture without compromising on quality.

Diana Craig
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I loved the exceptional mid-century furniture of AVRS. The choices for dining chairs were pretty versatile which allowed me to choose the exact product that I wanted. Recommended for a fantastic collection.

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