Affordable & High-Quality Mattresses for the Eve Sleepers in Dublin


The tale of the best mattress is two ways around- when the right mattress contours your body, you get the eve-sleep. Whether you are an Eve sleeper or a side-sleeper, no one likes to compromise on quality sleep. That’s right! When top-notch and softest mattresses are closer to you, why bother going elsewhere? Our sleeping foams with firm structure, but the comfiest cushions will make you sleep like never before.

Our firm mattress and your comfort:

All of our mattresses at AVRS furniture offer medium to firm support to your back and shoulders. Furthermore, we aim at providing you with an exclusive range of various mattress sizes. From twin mattresses to single mattress beds, our high-quality bedding material is perfect for all of your rooms. From shoulders to your lower back, our comfy mattresses ensure ease for all your sleeping positions. That is why our furniture brand is one of the most trusted names in the United States.

We have been in this selling business for years now that is why we understand your need for a cooling and comfortable double mattress. In addition, we offer the most adjustable base for all types of mattresses at fair prices. We do not try to oversell the products by doing sales talk. In this regard, our online store is all sorted for you to visit.  

What is the best mattress size?

When looking for the best mattress size, many ask such questions frequently. For starters, there is no perfect mattress that fits all body types. The real question is, who will use the mattress? Or, where will you put the mattress? So, it all comes down to your bed frame. We are here in Dublin, Ohio, to provide you with a full-size mattress for all sorts of bed frames.

For instance:

  • A double mattress is perfect for a box frame bed.
  • A twin mattress size for a bed with a partner.
  • King size mattress for more space and longer limbs.
  • A single mattress for guest room accommodation.
  • And hybrid mattresses to treat backache issues.

Shop by size and shape:

If the several mattress sizes confuse you every time, a twin-size mattress is ideal for you. Our softest bedding material and mattress sale are all you need right now! Our sales management is all set and ready to serve you online. It is all sorted by size and shape: so, go for the required foam at the best rates available. 

Generally, we deal in king-size, queen-size, full-size, twin-size, twin XL, and California king-size double mattresses. In addition, we offer two primary shapes: square mattresses and round mattresses (based on your bed frame).

Quality and price meet here:

A relaxed mind, body, and comfy mattress are all you need for a sound sleep. Keeping that in mind, you will not find a single downside to our quality mattresses. We sell the softest mattresses with high tech absorption quality. Plus, our low prices are the deal breaker for all the eve-sleepers in Dublin, Ohio. So, go ahead and avail of our latest deals for a twin mattress sale. With our accessible rates and lasting quality, you will sleep like never before.

Get in touch:

Transform your sleep in a few weeks by contacting us for your brand new double mattress. Check out our official website to find out all the latest mattress deals. And shop by choosing the right size and shape as per the bed frame. Finally, feel the difference when you wake up!