Are you surrounded by furniture stores and want to know what would be the perfect match with your style and aesthetic? AVRS furnitures takes pride in being one of the pioneers of bringing luxury style and premium-quality furniture. 

In the process of every home decoration, furniture plays a very crucial role. Everyone wants to decorate their interior with beautiful, stylish, and durable modern luxury furniture. Most people select furniture according to the new trend and fashion and try to inspire others. Our luxury living room furniture sets in Dublin, Columbus have numerous varieties of furniture which always satisfy the customer requirements. Our collection of luxury furniture is famous for its styles and design. 

When it comes to the price ranges, we are selling our furniture at an affordable wholesale price. The wood which we are using in the furniture is durable and reliable. You can also buy luxury furniture in Hilliard at affordable prices.

The Material Used In Our Luxury Furniture:

Wood is the primary material for furniture manufacturing. The Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a sort of engineered timber together with poly wood or chipboard. Usually, the MDF substance is composed of compressing wood fibers, and its quality depends on the technologies and techniques that are utilized to create. There is various luxury furniture in Dublin, Columbus, available in different styles and designs. In addition, we did not make any compromise on quality therefore our modern luxury furniture in Dublin, is made from high-quality material.


Our Modern Luxury European Furniture in Dublin, Columbus and Hilliard, OH

Luxury European furniture has the most obvious signs of class and opulence throughout the market. Our luxury European furniture collection is inspirational and can make your living attract your colleagues and friends. It has an ultra-luxury look that is very suitable for contemporary decoration in your rooms. You can give your living room or bedroom a modern touch by using our reliable and premium quality luxury European furniture. 

European living room furniture usually consists of metal items that are visually and physically very sturdy and have refined texture. Our luxury European furniture in Columbus and Dublin, OH includes sofas, beds, chairs, tables, and a masterpiece dining room.

Our modern luxury European furniture is made from great quality materials in the best possible shape and design to last long. AVRS Luxury European furniture in Columbus, OH, has a unique combination of class and elegance, and it exudes sophistication. So, you can buy our latest European living room furniture online at affordable prices.

Our Stylish Luxury Living Room Furniture

The furniture in your living room shows the kind of person you are. It will simply show you how you want to relax and how welcoming you can be to everyone. Furthermore, luxury living room furniture is an essential part of your indoor space and will make your home eye-catching. Well, In our luxury living room collection, furniture sets include, sofa, chairs, and tables of multiple kinds

Living room furniture sets in Dublin, OH, are available in various colors, designs, and materials that can match your living room and your decors. If you have a contemporary living room style in your home, our premium collection of modern luxury living room furniture sets is popular to use. 

We have a huge collection of luxury living room furniture that can make your room eye-catching and organized. The way this furniture looks is one of the main reasons people choose our luxury living room furniture sets over everything else. If you are trying to save money on furniture, you should buy our stylish European living room furniture.

Furthermore, our European living room furniture will provide you with inspiration, elegance, and warmth. You would have the right materials and things to build your personal, dream place with a wide range of living room decor choices to meet everyone’s needs. 

You can enhance and functionality of your home décor by using our European living room furniture. Our collection of luxury living room furniture sets in Dublin, Columbus, has an inspiring look that can make your room comfortable and organized.

Our Beautiful Luxury Bedroom Furniture in Dublin, Columbus, OH

The bedroom is probably one of the rooms in your house where you are the most comfortable. We have a variety of modern luxury furniture in Dublin and Columbus, OH. Our luxury furniture collection can make your home contemporary.

All our furniture products are reliable and durable with a stylish look. If you want a luxury touch in the bedroom, then you can buy our affordable luxury bedroom furniture in Columbus, at affordable prices. 

Furthermore, if your bedroom has a rough look and is not inspiring, use our luxury bedroom furniture. It has an alluring appearance with a modern style. If your bedroom has modern and stylish lighting and flooring, luxury bedroom furniture would not be the wrong choice.

You can use luxury chairs, tables, and sofas in your bedroom. Our luxury bedroom furniture is crafted significantly with reliable room wood. Moreover, we are offering stunning luxury bedroom furniture online at a reasonable price. 

Home Decor

Whether you prefer the contemporary interior style, industrial, modern, or vintage, there exists a stunning choice of unusual products to become inspired from. We feel that each piece we sell has its own story to inform and that you’ll be attracted to diverse pieces at different occasions of existence. Hence, if you notice something which captures your attention, achieves it, relishes its textures and hues, and visualize its beauty inside your space. Remember, we produce in limited amounts, so your homes remain unique and don’t repeat the majority of our collections.



Specifications: 33.5*25.5cm
Material: iron+wood(铁艺+木头)
Inner qty: 36
Carton qty: 1
CBM/CTN: 0.18
Quantity PCS: 36


Specifications: 36.5*19.5cm
Material: iron(铁艺)
Inner qty: 24
Carton qty: 1
CBM/CTN: 0.19
TOTAL CBM: 0.18722
Quantity PCS: 24


Specifications: 20*14.5cm
Material: iron+wood(铁艺+木头)
Inner qty: 48
Carton qty: 1
CBM/CTN: 0.18
Quantity PCS: 48

Wall Decor

Ever pass by an area in your wall that simply needs something? Whether it’s one, paintings, or perhaps a sign, wall decor can modify an area by tying every detail into one cohesive space. Your home’s walls are literal canvases that may tell the storyline of your existence, your personality as well as your style. With art, photos, and decor from AVRS HomeStore, your walls never need to look forgotten and overlooked.



Inner qty: 2
Carton qty: 2
CBM/CTN: 0,41


Inner qty: 4
Carton qty: 2
CBM/CTN: 0,447
TOTAL CBM: 0,894


Inner qty: 2
Carton qty: 2
CBM/CTN: 0,41

Why AVRS Luxury Furniture:

The luxury furniture in Columbus has elegant styles and designs. It can make the room eye-catching. We sell luxury dining tables and coffee tables with lots of designs and styles. A dining table is an offering using a level surface. The elegant dining table is chiefly utilized in each business. The technology has developed the furniture advancement to the powerful, affordable, and luxury decor coffee table makers. 

AVRS is selling premium excellent luxury modern dining sets. Thus, luxury furniture stores in Dublin have trendy and affordable furniture. Many people decorate their living area in lots of ways. Our luxurious collection includes the luxury dining table, chairs, couch, lighting, and lamps. The majority of the people today choose the furniture in line with the region of the area.

We are providing durable and extraordinarily best European living room furniture to elevate your space. The chairs and tables add more beauty to your room. A living area of a home used to permit friends to unwind, talk, read or watch TV. Chairs are also the essential portion of every form of furniture. 

Its most important features are two solid plastic pieces of wood connected at a 90 ° or slightly increased angle as seats and back to one another. There are many sorts of chairs readily available on the marketplace. AVRS Furniture supplies durable and trustworthy modern luxury furniture to the client. Every client places more focus on the plan and fashion of the seat. Even the luxury chairs employed at home are separate from office-type chairs.


Best Online Luxury Furniture Store in Dublin & Columbus:

Today, though, luxury furniture is more nuanced. People who love shopping are now hunting for a luxury experience. It isn’t just about the brand name, it includes the way it has been made to the shipping of that furniture. Modern customers searching for luxury furniture in Dublin make sure the couch is worth the effort.

The quality of luxury furniture in Columbus, OH will also depend on the design and style of the furniture you will buy. It will also depend on the materials used for manufacturing the furniture. The best place where you can get quality luxury furniture is our online furniture store. So, you can buy luxury furniture in Dublin, OH at an affordable wholesale rate.

Our Online platform offer quality luxury furniture in Hilliard at affordable rate rates. They have many furniture varieties, like vintage furniture, modern furniture, and antique furniture. The luxury furniture in Columbus has its styles and designs, so you will indeed find something that suits your taste and budget. So, all you have to do is search online for the best furniture store in your area and order the items you need.

Our online furniture platform will be able to provide you with luxury furniture in New Albany at your doorstep. They are selling the goods through the internet and shipping them from the central warehouse, located in the other part of the country. When you buy the products, they will be delivered to your doorstep. The luxury furniture in Hilliard has an alluring look; you buy Luxury furniture at an affordable wholesale price.

There are so many designs and styles available in the market today. Those who want to decorate their interiors with luxury furniture in Columbus can find a variety of contemporary pieces for your home. These are designed to suit your specific taste, and the best part is that they are affordable. So, you have to select luxury furniture in Hilliard for a reliable and durable furniture collection.

Reliable Chairs at Affordable Price:

The chair is an integral part of every type of furniture. Its main features are two robust plastic bits connected at a 90 ° or slightly greater angle as back and seat.

There are numerous types of chairs available in the market. Affordable furniture provides durable and reliable chairs to the customer. Every customer pays more attention to the design and style of the chair. The chairs which are used in the house are different from office-type chairs. The AVRS is a perfect furniture store among all the best furniture stores in Dublin, Ohio.

AVRS Furnitures has various types of stylish chairs:

Furniture Dublin has numerous types of chairs. Every customer purchases the chairs according to the new trend. In seats may be used wood, plastic, or other durable material such as steel or acrylic. You need the best online furniture stores for a reliable and stylish chair. In certain instances, a chair is built from different materials; for instance, the legs and the frame can be made of metal, and the rubber of the back and rear can be manufactured. AVRS Furniture provides chairs that include hardwood, rubber, plastic, or other material surfaces.

Most people purchase a chair from the best online furniture stores in Dublin, Ohio. Many chairs reflect history. You can find some old-fashioned chairs from AVRS Furniture. We provide the client with long-lasting and comfortable seats. The design and chair style of each order is given more attention. So, the AVRS is the best furniture store for chairs

In any of these rough surfaces, they may be protected with polishing or padding. The special chair may be created from porous materials or boiled for home decoration. There are many furniture stores that provide living and dining room chairs but we have reliable, durable, and affordable chairs. It may have a low room for back or ventilation. For the modern drawing room customers always purchase chairs from Furniture stores in Dublin.

The material used in chairs:

Wood, metal, and other solid materials, such as plastic, can be rendered into seats. In some instances, a chair is constructed of different components, for example, the legs and arms may be made of metal and the cushion and the back of the chair may be made of plastic. The furniture stores in Dublin, Ohio, are using the best and strong material in all types of stylish and modern chairs. Most of the time wood chairs are used in dining furniture. AVRS Furniture is using the best and reliable material in all types of chairs

Modern Luxury Furniture in Columbus:

We have quality modern luxury furniture for modern homes and offices. Luxury bedroom furniture comes in such a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes, from sleek black to deep wood tones. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant look or a modern flair, pair luxury living room furniture sets and individual pieces for a cohesive and personalized look.

Many luxury bed sets come with matching bedside tables, nightstands, chests, and even mirror frames. Our AVRS modern luxury furniture shop online has an alluring collection of furniture. You can find us online by searching for luxury furniture in Columbus. Furthermore, you can buy European living room furniture in Hilliard, New Albany, and Dublin.

Luxury furniture is the best choice for you:

If you prefer modern or contemporary furniture, there are many options available-Sleek. Simple designs are popular choices in Luxury bedroom furniture. Contemporary furniture sets often utilize sleek, thin lines and are accented by bold geometric shapes. Decorative supports, curved lines, and bold, colored trim and accessories may create a unique look.

You can buy luxury chairs, tables, coffee tables, end tables, and sofas at affordable prices. Our European living room furniture can make your home luxurious. So, you have to buy modern luxury furniture in Dublin at an affordable price.