Amazing Furniture Stores For Your Aesthetic Needs In Columbus
10 Best Furniture Stores In Columbus Ohio

Do you know how to recognize the best furniture stores in Columbus? The best stores to shop for furniture are retailers that have various styles and price points that include housewares, rugs and furniture, accessories, and nursery decor.

This is also why online furniture shopping is great. You can access an endless selection of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes.

But do you know where to begin your search for high-end furniture stores? Luckily, we have researched all the top furniture retailers, and now we will represent you with it.

AVRS Furniture Store (The Best All-around)

AVRS Furniture store is #1 among modern furniture because of its luxurious quality. They offer modern furniture at affordable prices with an easy-to-navigate inventory. This furniture store is known to create original, hand-crafted designs for every room, both inside and outside of the house. While most pieces are a bit more classy than contemporary, they do complement a variety of decor styles.

There are many ways you can shop for whatever furniture you need–Dining sets, living room sets , Coffee tables, Consoles, Chairs, Bedroom furniture, and more. You can either shop with a designer in-store or opt to go to their site from the comfort of your home. 

Dining Chair
Dining Set
Console Table
Bedroom Set
Coffee Table
Dining Table

Ashley Furniture (Large Selection)

Ashley Furniture store originated in Alaska but now it has more than 680 locations in America plus 150 other locations around the globe. But, the store isn’t just widespread–each shop has a wide range of furniture pieces inside a huge, easy-to-navigate showroom. 

Ashley Furniture is also famous for having many salespeople on hand to offer in-store shoppers help. If you are shopping online, you can still find the help you need, thanks to a convenient interactive chat system. The retailer also has tools like the ‘room builder’ so you can easily find what you are looking for.

They also have plenty of deals with fair pricing. But they also have price matching and frequent deals and sales and 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter.

IKEA (Budget Furniture)

This Swedish retailer is internationally recognized for good reason: Being one of the most convenient and reliable modern furniture stores to buy budget furniture. IKEA also has a huge online presence and hundred of warehouse-style stores around the world, with more than 50 stores in America itself.

Whether you shop online or in-store, you will find whatever you need to furnish your home, from sofas to baby cribs to kitchen cabinets. You will also find items like artwork, faucets, and trash cans. When it comes to home decor and hardware, if you can think of it, IKEA probably has it.

The store does have more contemporary pieces and you will need to assemble the furniture yourself which is not great for longevity. But, their prices are hard to beat, making it an excellent option for anyone on a budget or people that move around a lot.

Wayfair (Lots Of Sales And Promotions)

Wayfair’s tagline “We’ve got just what you need” is not hard to understand. This online furniture store has it all for every room in your house. You will find just about any furniture you need (beds, sofas, desks, bar stools, and even outdoor furniture sets) as well as finer times like light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and faucets as well as the little details that will truly make your house feel like a home, like artwork, sculptures and holiday decorations. 

All of these things are available in a wide range of styles with varying price points. You will find both low as well as high-end items in styles ranging from rustic farmhouse to sleek and modern. If you are in doubt about something, there are also extensive reviews, many of which have pictures of furniture in someone else’s home. 

If there is a downside, it is that you can’t test out an item before buying like in other furniture stores but Wayfair gets the item to your doorstep quickly with a fair return policy.

Article (Sleek Mid-century Styles)

Article doesn’t have a physical showroom but the retailer doesn’t leave you wanting for much. It offers various modern luxury furniture with a fair price point, especially given the quality and aesthetic. They have all kinds of sophisticated items such as leather sofas and upholstered armchairs to marble coffee tables and wooden dining tables. Most items are available in various colors and finishes so you can place a customized order without having to place a fully custom one that will take weeks to months to arrive.

At the end of the day, there is no other way to get quality furniture fast. Most orders ship from the company warehouse in less than two weeks or less. How does Article pull off all of these great perks for a reasonable price? It’s because of their direct-to-consumer model, which they say is 30% better than what traditional retailers can offer.

Joybird (Large Collection Of Colors And Fabrics)

Though it is newer compared to other furniture stores, Joybird is quickly becoming the go-to option for many many, especially younger consumers who are attracted to their collection of mid-century modern furniture that can be compared to West Elm but on a budget.

Joybird offers furniture for most rooms in your house–beds, sofas, chairs, tables, storage pieces, as well as rugs. Most pieces are available in various wood finishes. What makes this company stand out from other furniture companies is that it offers more than 50 fabrics and colors, so you can get a truly custom product without actually having to go custom. 

But, you can’t see your purchases in-store as you would in a traditional store, but you can easily order free swatches before you commit, making it a little bit easier to choose something ideal for your house. Furthermore, you can use their free online design services for help making a purchase. 

As an added bonus, shipping is very affordable compared to other stores, especially for large items. Joybird also has a 90-day return policy, though you will have to pay a restocking fee. 

Pottery Barn (White-glove Delivery)

If you want to make a huge furniture purchase like a couch for your living room or a bed set for your bedroom then Pottery Barn is probably the store to come to mind. The store, where you can buy furniture online as well as in-store in Columbus, is as classic as it gets. This is because it offers well-made and stylish furniture that isn’t too trendy. It has a classic farmhouse-type aesthetic that stands the test of time and crosses the line between various personal styles.

And though their prices are higher compared to other furniture stores, you will know you are making an investment as their furniture is famous to last for a really long time. The company is also committed to sustainability and uses ethically sourced materials to help you feel even better about your purchase. 

Another great perk of Pottery Barn is that it has various spin-offs like Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teens. This gives you plenty of opportunities to find what you need for the kids’ rooms too.

West Elm (Popular Among Millennials) 

You have probably heard of West Elm since it is a popular furniture shop among Millennials. Their furniture, which ranges from couches,  beds, and dining tables to smaller decor items, has a familiar mid-century modern aesthetic that is perfect for transitional spaces. 

It is also famous for its responsible practices. West Elm has various organic, hand-crafted, and fair trade-certified items within their list of products. It also supports independent artists whenever it can, especially when it comes to its decor items, including artwork and trinkets like candles. 

Most of West Elm’s products are slightly elevated but are still at an accessible price point, putting the store in a sweet spot. Plus, their best buy furniture is made to last so you feel good about the investment you are making. 

A downside is that shipping is expensive and can take a long time, especially if you order a custom fabric ( usually a requirement) unless you are happy with choosing one or two in-stock options.

Restoration Hardware (Great Discount For Members)

You may recognize the name Restoration Hardware as the brand’s characteristically large catalog in the mail is very famous– it is almost as detailed and heavy as a textbook. 

Inside the catalog as well as the retailer’s store and online platform– you will find a large collection of high-end and beautifully crafted furniture that is equally expensive. When you look closely at their quality, you will understand why their products like tables, media cabinets, chairs, and more come at such a premium price tag. Everything is built in a way that it will last for years, no matter how many times you move. 

If you are bummed about the high price, Restoration Hardware offers customers a special membership that costs $175 per year and has plenty of perks including early access to sales and “member pricing” of 25% off everything, whether it is furniture or interior design items.

Crate & Barrel (Stylish Collection)

Like the online furniture stores West Elm, Crate & Barrel is another popular retailer that has quality furniture at a medium price point. Their products are sleek, stylish, and perfect for your modern transitional home. 

They have just about everything you need, from dining tables and chairs to sofas and beds. They even have fireplace screens, bookcases, and other decorative items to add to your variety of furniture. Most of their items come in a wide range of finishes and fabrics so you can easily personalize your choice without having to spend money on a fully custom piece of furniture.

Shopping is also extremely easy at Crate & Barrel since the brand has plenty of physical shops to check out items in person. However, the website is also largely intuitive so you can order whatever you want and have it delivered to your doorstep. Just remember to pay for this service as basic freight delivery can cost around more than $100.


Where Can I Buy Furniture?

If you are in need of furniture pieces like bed sets, dining sets, living room sets, coffee tables, and more, the AVRS Furniture store in Columbus is the answer! They offer modern, luxurious furniture at an affordable price point. Not to mention, their furniture is crafted from high-quality wood and leather, ensuring it will last you for years.

Where To Shop For Furniture?

If you need suggestions for where to shop for furniture, our list will help you with that. We have researched 10 of the best furniture stores based on inventory, affordability, customer reviews, warranty, and return policies and it will help you choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Where To Buy Modern Furniture?

If you are in need of modern furniture, IKEA is the best bet as its extensive range of modern furniture that is available in a variety of colors and styles will have your jaw dropped. They also have decor items like artwork and sculptures so you know that you are getting your money’s worth. Not to mention, their prices are definitely hard to beat. However, if you want longevity as well (not something IKEA offers) AVRS Furniture is the way to go!

Best Place To Buy Furniture?

As we said before, there is a reason AVRS Furniture is at the top of our list. It’s because it is the best place to buy furniture. It offers furniture in mid-century, loda, and luxury styles so you get your money’s worth. Furthermore, you can shop for modern and affordable furniture online at discounted prices. Each of their pieces of furniture is designed to enhance the appearance of your home. Their furniture is made of cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, pine, and walnut. So stop googling “home furniture stores near me” and head to this store now!

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